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Socialcred is a microfinance institution incepted in January 2001 and charted by the Brazilian Central Bank.

Its clientele includes individual entrepreneurs, microbusinesses, small enterprises, and freelance professionals in the fields of health, education, fashion, and environmental conservation.

Its geographic scope covers Greater Rio de Janeiro and surrounding municipalities.


Socialcred’s mission is to provide quality financial support to economically feasible, labor-intensive undertakings which generate income and social welfare while contributing to environmental quality and preserving stakeholder interests.


Socialcred envisions to become one of the leading Brazilian microfinance institutions while standing out for its social and environmental responsibility, profitability, economic solidness, and corporate governance.



We respect individual needs: we try to understand people’s difficulties, consider their needs and believe in their potentials.

We value the generation of social and environmental welfare as a result from our operations.

We help our clients to succeed in their enterprises.

We work with joy, enthusiasm, harmony and efficiency.

We seek to fulfill the expectations of our collaborators, supporters, partners, and stakeholders.


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